Saving money does not have to be like eating vegetables! If parents teach good habits in the household early on, kids will grow up with the instinct to save rather than spend. It is difficult to block out the culture of consumerism that we all live in; however, you can make it fun! You also improve your health when you save. Here is how you do it.

– Make saving a game for the whole family.

You must lead by example. Do not expect your kids to save if you do not do it yourself! Show your kids how keeping money allows them to make money. If you have more than one child, make the saving game a friendly competition with bonuses for the child that earns the most and gains the most interest!

You can even bolster the game for your children by playing the game with your spouse. Show them how quickly the interest compounds the more that they earn. This will not only create an onus in them to save, but they will also want to earn more!

– Do not give your child an allowance; give your child a trust find!

Instead of giving your child an allowance, give them a trust fund! Allow them to realize that the money in, money out model leaves them broke as soon as they earn something. Holding their earnings for them and showing them the way that interest builds over time can be exciting for them.

Make sure that your child knows that money can make money. Show them how the stock market works. Let your children know that you need a minimum amount of money in order to get started, and the reward is that the money can work for them.

– Play games as a family that are based on money.

Monopoly is a family favorite that lays out the basics about money in a fun way. You can use Monopoly or a similar game to teach lessons in the real world about interest, investments and assets. The more that your kids see that you put these lessons to use in your own life, the more they will use those lessons themselves.

You can also reward your children for learning the lessons that games have to offer. Add to their trust funds when they improve in playing the game or when they showcase mastery over a topic.

David Milberg is an investment banker from NYC.