Saving money for a trip to Disney World is different from saving money to provide for the future of your family. You don’t simply want to see a few hundred dollars crop in up in the next couple of months; instead, you want to develop a financial system that will help the family to achieve serious long-term goals and to provide security for each of its members.

1. Look to retirement.

Some people do not even want to think about retirement until they are close to that age, but doing so is a mistake. If they retire before their children are out of college, for example, they could be putting their education at a risk. Even if only providing for two individuals, failure to procure a suitable retirement plan can put a drain on the savings account.

2. Watch for debt.

At some point in their lives, most people have some level of debt. In a world where prices rise, that facet is almost unavoidable. As a result, people must focus on the type of debt that they accumulate. For example, loans with high interest rates are dangerous because people may spend the rest of their lives paying these loans off. Also, individuals should work to avoid revolving debt, such as credit cards, as much as possible.

3. Discover tax exemptions.

Meetings with accountants are generally useful in finding ways to save money on taxes. Other people may wish to grieve their taxes and to look into other discounts available to the community. On top of that, some individuals, such as those who have children, are eligible for certain tax credits.

4. Organize a planning space.

Part of the problem that some individuals have with growing net worth is that they isolate the components of their larger financial picture. They see only the smaller parts, but when they put them together, the picture may not appear as healthy. Individuals should use a tracking system to organize their finances. Looking into online tools and applications, especially those that are available on clouds, allows people to update their information and to gain perspective on their financial situation virtually wherever they are. For individuals considering new financial opportunities, that possibility is imperative.

All of these ideas help people to track their money and to keep more funds in the bank, which, in turn, leads to the development of their family’s net worth over time.

David Milberg is an investment banker from NYC.