Starting off your life as both a professional and a parent is an exciting adventure with the potential for great opportunities. However, you are also learning new responsibilities and techniques for handling these roles. You want to take the family out to enjoy life, but you also cannot spend a prodigious sum of money to do so.

Budgeted Entertainment Ideas for The Entire Family Infographic


Wanting to go on vacation is a desire that many people have, but they also know that the price tag attached is often tremendous. Instead of spending a huge amount of money to stay at a fancy resort, look into camping. It generally does not cost a great deal of money to rent a campsite, and you can introduce your kids to the wonders of nature.

Matinee Movies

Back when you were a kid, it did not cost a huge sum of money to go to the movies and get some popcorn. Now, however, you have shied away from going to the films because of the cost. Instead of avoiding the movie theaters entirely, look into matinee movies when you are off from work. Usually, the price is significantly lower. On top of that, you can generally get a discount when your kids are under a certain age.

Cooking Together

Going out to a restaurant for dinner is fun, but it is also quite expensive, especially when you start to order drinks, appetizers and desserts. If you still want to have fun with food, you can all try a recipe together. Call up your parents to see if they have any family recipes to share. You may want to invite them over as well; then, you can all cook up some dishes that have been passed on in the family for years.

Outdoor Adventures

The natural world provides you with an array of opportunities to explore. Think about how much fun it is to build a snow fort or a snowman when the temperatures are chilly. If it is autumn, let the kids jump into piles of leaves before you teach them how to properly clean up a yard. Nature aficionados will love going for walks where they put together little collections of all that the natural world has to offer.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to entertain your family. These ideas help to keep everyone amused, and they also allow all of you to join closer together.

David Milberg is an investment banker from NYC.